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Your own website in 3 simple steps


1. Select the layout of your website

The following templates are intalled for FREE, click on an image to see the demo
The following formats are RESPONSIVE and automatically adjust to smartphones and tablets.
  • demo full-3-1
  • demo full-3-3
  • demo full-3-4
    demo full-3-4
  • demo full-3-5
    demo full-3-5
  • demo full-3-6
    demo full-3-6
Presentation Websites for hotels, apartments, restaurants, clubs, events, presentation properties, etc.

Other available formats
  • demo1
  • demoC1
  • demoL1
  • demoR1
  • flexi
  • hotel1
  • hotel2
  • hotel3
  • hotel4
  • hotel5
  • hotel6
  • hotel7
  • hotel8


2. choose a webSite package

buy-nowDynamic Small 69 + taxes = 84for one year lease
With 4 pages and contact form
Dynamic Medium 97 + taxes = 119for one year lease
   With 10 pages and contact form

The website will be delivered within 24hours after you deposit the fees, based on the free lay out you have chosen or within a week if you have asked for a more customized lay out.

3.Upload contents on the website

Α. Upload the contents yourself.

Originally the webpage you will receive will be loaded in a temporary address.

We will provide you with personal login credentials and we will train you so that you can upload your data and be able to make the changes you desire in the future. At the same time you are given access to a number of small instructive and support videos, taking you step by step all the way to upload your data on your webpage.

Β. Or you can sent your contents for us to upload

If you lack the time to upload the webpage yourself you can send us your material so that we upload it for you and deliver your page at a temporary address so that you can give us your feedback and once completed we can link it to search engines.

Additional fees are paid once and they will not exceed your yearly charge.

Dynamic Small Pack –of 4 pages- costs 84+84= 168 euros and if you wish us to buy a or .eu for you there will be additional feels (15 euros for one year, which means that the final price will be 183 euros tax included

Dynamic Pack Medium –of ten pages- will cost 119+119=238 euros and if you wish us to buy a name .com or .eu for you there will be additional fees (35 euros for two years, which means that the final price will be 253 euros tax included


  • Website design and annual web-site hosting with 4 pages or 10 pages, left and right column and a contact form. We undertake the display format, you assume uploading your data. Of course there is the offer with turnkey (see below).
  • Unlimited text, unlimited images
  • user manual with text and videos
  • Support through conference calls and emails
  • Layout that can be modified by choosing colors as well as uploading your own logos and background
  • Unlimited Images   ( limit may be set by the server memory only )
  • You have access with your user and password
  • Registration to all major search engines
  • Website is google searchable and you can enter SEO meta description and key words

Additional Options

  • we Purchase at your name details and we management domain names .com or .eu with 15 euros per year. You can buy your domain name yourself from other providers and manage it you own and we shall let you know how to link it with your website
  • We are able to fully undertake the entire set up of your webpage based on the material you will provide with additional fees of 84 euros –once-
  • Expand website to have extra languages with 49 euros per language –once- ( we double the website capacity of pages and we do not do the translation )
  • Expand with different layout and additional fee of 104 euros. 






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