FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will the site have its own or .com?

Yes all webpages are connected with a domain name you own.


Along with the site will we have site e-mails?

With every webpage we provide the potential for e-mails that can be linked with other programs such as outlook and thunderbird. Also we give you the option to receive and read all your mail through your website (webmail)


Will I be able to change my website?

Of course! All our packs concern dynamic sites and allow you access so that you can change the content of your page as often as you want.


What kind of support can I expect from dynamicsite?

We train you on handling website updates, we are ready to support you through phone and email and we also can do anything about your website that you find difficult or perplexing, specially anything related to the lay out.


Can I ask for a template change?

When we renew our collaboration , you have the right to ask us to change your site. If the template is free then there will be no additional charge for you either. In fact, if template matches your site version, all data will automatically flow into the new form of your site. If you choose a template that’s not compatible , we will crete a second website, form its menus and with the code we will provide for you , you will be able to transfer your data so that when your new site is ready, it will be launched and the old one deleted.


Why the prices here at Dynamicsite are so low when compared to others? Are there maybe hidden charges?

Here, at Dynamicsite we use OPEN software for the creation of webpages, so we achieve low prices. There are no hidden charges of additional fees, since all of those appear clearly and comprehensively on our prices list.


I have been told that others can create a unique site , tailored to fit our needs, not through joomla platform etc

Surely there are excellent programmers out there who can do wonders for you. But you must note that a webpage based on a cms platform like joomla is, does ensure the potential to upgrade it in the future (in your case for free) as well as guarantee that you will be able to find template to refresh the look of your page.


I have been told that hackers find it easy to unlock joomla and open softwares.

Truth be told, nothing in the internet is one hundred per cent safe or a hundred per cent locked. Yet, joomla remains one of the safest CMS platforms and we have taken extra measures above the usual ones that the platform itself offers. The good news about open software cms , like joomla are that if a safety issue is detected , joomla immediately creates a version that can protect the webpage. Changing your codes and passwords often , while using a mix of numbers and letters , makes you site very hard to crack.



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