While advertising in mass Media is an expensive task , advertising on internet is mich cheaper with obvious results and can be activated by anyone who wants to.

More and more people every day gain internet access and chose the e-shops or e-catalogs to find what they are looking for, products or services as well as prices.

You can get information of Consumer Behavior in the internet for your line of work as well as learn the line of thinking your potential clients might use to look or buy through the internet by clicking on Consumer Commerce Barometer

Google, the ultimate search engine as well as Facebook the greatest social network offer a variety of tools that will help you spread you advertisement to millions of people at the lowest possible cost. You can aim in having a variety of different advertising messages in a number of countries or have your advertisement written on a variety of languages.

Google ads help you project you advertisement to those who use the key words you have indicated but you can also use the side margin of a number of portals that advertise e-shops via Google. This way when someone is reading an article with reference to the same key words, Google evaluates those key words and projects the corresponding ads to those readers.

Through Facebook ads you can target a specific audience, age groups, interests and so on.

Dynamicsite offers a great variety of advertising services

buy your managed web marketing services

  1. We can create your advertisement and track it for the first month after its launch (for a fee of 50 euros). This way you will directly appear on Google’s first page using as many key words as you desire. You prepaid credit card must be linked to google so that they can collect their fees. Depending on the clicks you get. A startup fee of 30 euros through your credit card is required by Google and we will add another 75 euros of free advertising; after that you can prepay your ads as often as you need in order for google to keep promoting your ad. After the first month the cost for follow up advertising is 25 euros per month or with an additional fee of 119 euros we can hand over the site management to you, including a short training program on how to monitor and expand your advertisement.
  2. We can also train our clients to create and monitor their campaign from the start with a fee of 50 euros per hour.

  3. We closely monitor the results of you advertisement and find ways to further promote it, with a fee of 75 euros for three months.




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