Remote access is achieved via FastViewer. You allow us to access your computer remotely so that we can have training sessions or provide technical support.
Click the following image, then click apply and ask us to give you, over the phone the instant connection code and the remote connection will automatically open. You can access our computer for the training session or you can allow us to access yours.


 Open FastViewer for Windows
Open FastViewer for Mac
  Open FastViewer web client (you can only watch a presentation)

At any given time you can call us for help, run FastViewer and we will provide you with a 5 digit code that will allow us to access your computer and help you face whatever difficulty you are experiencing. The process is repeated each time you ask for our help for you own safety.

FastViewer is a German high quality program , with the highest safety standards on the market, since it gives you all the control needed to allow professionals connect with your computer and help you. Our company is the representative of this product and you can get it through us.

There’s also the lighter version (FastViewer Remoted) that allows you to remotely link –even if you don’t have your laptop with you- when you’re at your office or close to any other pc, and continue your wokrs as you would with your computer.

When compared to other similar tools or remote connection FastViewer offers the maximum connection safety, a fact verified by TUV SUD and has won prizes in a number of similar programs competitions.













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