rent or buy online store, managed web design and hosting services
rent or buy managed web design and hosting services
rent or buy managed web design and hosting services
rent or buy online store, managed web design and hosting services
rent or buy managed web design and hosting services
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Use of our services is factual acceptance of the following terms

Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ listed in Greek Tax authorities with VAT Number EL999043370, owner of the service offers internet services, with pre-installed and easily customizable websites with centralized management and support from Efficient Solutions giving access to content to end users. It has a hard disk servers (servers), which distribute on the Internet stored in these materials and e-mail service. The other party (customer), intends to lease or buy and use the supplied from Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ virtual server and installed programs to implement online website.

SERVICES: Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ Internet Services offers the customer to use the agreed place and notify the customer passwords and other technical data in which it can gain access to the services. The service is offered on an annual or biennial period. Customer agrees that the material to be uploaded to the server will be ready and will not need any further processing from Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ to work, to have the knowledge necessary to use the services of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ and Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ is not responsible to confer such knowledge. Customer acknowledges that the Internet is not owned by anyone and are not controlled by anyone, so Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ can not guarantee that any Internet user can access the server at any time. Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ will make every effort to ensure that the server is available widely and with as less downtime as possible. Customer agrees that its primary use (account) will have to present websites (corporate or personal) and will make use of email and FTP to image files or other music or text files and no other ancillary services and not the other ancillary services that may be offered by account such as file distribution to third parties on the Internet via web or functioning mailing list, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ assumes no responsibility for the deletion, transformation or destruction of records that have been placed on the servers of the company and the disruption of service due to accidents. In case of an accident Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ must pay the maximum efforts to restore the normal functioning of the system and to continue to provide services to users. The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the system from misuse or end in itself damaging or random. In each case the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ reserves the right to claim any direct and indirect damages derived from damage due to misuse of the system.

CONTENT: Is expressly prohibited to use the services of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ for any unlawful purpose, including but not limited to publication of pornographic, pirated content files from the theft, republish content without the necessary permission of the publisher and copyright assignment, send bulk mail without the approval of the collectors and the reference to the sender. Any user who utilizes (or encourages website visitors via links) on pages with content or practices within the above may be brought to immediate suspension of cooperation with Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ, which may even justify any positive and indirect damage from improper use of its services. More specifically, the users of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ services expressly forbidden to use the web servers of the company for publishing content: Contrary to current legislation (eg abusive, that offends public decency, which infringes copyright, it is inappropriate for persons under the age of 18 years, etc.). Pornographic, racist and generally immoral accordance with the traditions of society and the Internet community content (eg serial or registration numbers of commercial programs, cracker utilities, tips for spamming etc). Referrals to places with material placement that be prohibited in Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ Pages of any content, if these have been advertised in a derogatory manner in the Internet (spamming etc) Exclusive judge of whether and how the pages are placed by the user falls into one of these categories is only Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ who has the right to delete without prior notice, if it deems necessary, user accounts that violate the above republic. Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ is not responsible for the content of user accounts and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by them.

EMAIL: The customer agrees that it intends to make reasonable use of the email and that the average email traffic moving through the server is within the normal motion of an average user of the Internet. In any case, the maximum number of email that can be sent per domain per day via the server Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ amounts to 1000 emails. Strictly forbidden and a reason for immediate account termination the following: Sending messages  bulk or not, to recipients who have not requested receipt of messages (spamming). Subscribe to a mailing list without receiving approval. Advertising services and products of sites hosted on the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ server via spamming in any direct or indirect way, even if the sending of the messages was outside the server of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ. The policy of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ on spamming has zero deviation. In the first proven protest over spamming, the account from which caused the sending messages immediately goes into sleep mode (suspended) until investigated the incident and called the customer to explain. If not given a satisfactory explanation within 24 hours account is deleted without further notice.  

RESOURCE USE: The client agrees that it intends to make reasonable use of resources from the hosted server, that does not use all the server's resources for its own use and recognizes that it shares the server's resources with other users. As a limit on the use of computing power (CPU) and the memory of the server is the 10% of the total resources of the server. If the running process of customer's account is consistently beyond consuming of 10% of the total resources of the server, the client is informed to terminate these processes. In case the specific processes causing or may cause problems in the smooth functioning of the server and at the expense of other customers, Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ reserves the right to terminate processes without first informing the customer. The available resources of the server are intended solely for use within account of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ customers. Prohibited to place funds in any manner to sites of third parties in any form, including but not limited to graphics or text extraction sites of third material found in the server Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ, running banner exchange programs etc. Expressly prohibited the use of irc bot chat script and chatrooms, by the overload caused by these applications to servers. The customer is required to monitor the amount of space occupied by him and its other users account of the hard disks of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ, so as not to exceed the limits set. If the space occupied exceeds  limits, the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ reserves the right to delete files to return the used space in the permissible limits. If the use of resources such that of the maximum monthly data traffic exceeds the limits set out in customer's account, the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ reserves the right to deduct the cost of additional consumption of the rest of the hosting account of the customer by adjusting the account's expiration date.

CONTACT: The customer must always have contact information updated and notify the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ for any modification. He shall define an email address other than the email addresses of the domains hosted on Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ as main email address contact information, so that the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ can communicate with him even if a problem occurs with the account. Communicating with and briefing of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ to customer issues related to account (upgrades to servers, expiration – renewal account etc) is conducted via email. The client must regularly check your email address which designated as the main contact email to be informed of matters relating to the account.

ACTIVATION - RENEWAL: The activation of customer's account is made after payment of the price of the subscription hospitality. The renewal of the hosting account is automatically made at the end of the subscription for the same period as in the initial assistance provided that they have paid the price of renewal of subscription until the subscription expiration date. Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ must remind the client of the expiration of the subscription via email 10 calendar days before and inform them about alternative methods of payment for the renewal of his subscription. Failure to timely pay the renewal fee, the day following the expiration of the assistance, the customer's account shall enter into sleep mode for 7 days, while sent and a new notice. Whether in those days not paid the price of subscription renewal or be contacted by the customer and resolve the issue, the account is permanently deleted. In case of payment by credit card, the customer must, in accordance with the instructions that will be given, to make a new charge of his credit card. Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ does not automatically renew subscriptions via credit card recharging the credit card. Any payment to Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ by credit card regards a single charge.

AGREEMENT TERMINATION: The Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ is not obliged a return the agreed amount for the remaining time from the date of disruption to the normal expiration of the contract if the interrupt request of the customer or the contract terminated by Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ if breach of the terms of use by the customer. H Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ reserves the right to refuse, terminate or lay suspended its services at will and shall not be liable for consequences, positive and negative, that may arise due to the termination of an account. If the interruption done without cause and with action of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ and lasts more than 3days and Efficient Solutions does not repair the defect or fails to respond to the customer with estimated repair the damage after proven informed by the client, then the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ company will be obliged to deliver the website files on a CD so that the client can post it on another web hosting company or alternatively will be obliged to compensate the customer with the appropriate corresponding proportion for the period until the end service, based on the amount of what recently the customer payed.

GUARANTEE: The customer agrees to defend against any court, will ensure, will keep away from any danger, from all claims, losses, demands and financial responsibilities the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ and will cover any financial costs, including attorneys' fees, from any claim or cause of loss or damage, or any cause raises any third party against Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ by the activities and services, or other acts of the customer or content and information initiated through the hosting account.

STATEMENT OF CONFIDENTIALITY: The Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ undertakes not to disclose or sell your email address or other personal customer data to any third party. The Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ will disclose the contents of emails and electronic communication of customers just in case there is a request from the authorities to clarify cases of violation of the law. In this case the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ will cooperate fully with the authorities and provide any facility for uncovering unlawful activities.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITHIN 15 DAYS: The hosting virtual servers of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ accompanied by a money back guarantee 15 days from the date of the hosting account. If the customer is not satisfied with the level of service of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ may within 15 days of the order, request cancellation of this agreement. In this case returned to the customer the full amount of subscription. If the amount of assistance included additional expenses (domain name, commissions of third or fees from banks or credit cards, installation costs, additional services) the amount of the contribution is returned to the client after withheld the above expenses. No refunds made after the 15th day of the subscription. The above warranty applies only to rental packages virtual servers and not all of the services provided by Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ.

CONSTANT PRICE GUARANTEE: The Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ undertakes not to require a higher price than the list price as shown in the original order for subsequent renewals of hosting services and maintain the same level of prices. The only case that could be an increase in the final price after charging VAT will be in case of increasing VAT rates. Disregarded special offers or discount coupons at the time of purchase and renewal will be based on the price list at the time of ordering.

SUPPORT: When the customer buys one of the website packages Dynamicsite SMALL or Unlimited NoLimit, or eShop with annual or biennial rent web hosting then the customer is entitled to apply for any small - change menu options, or any problem appears in a page or may request support fortunes difficulty of use and Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ will respond within 24 hours in urgent cases and within 5 days in other cases. The customer agrees to send the request via email.

Specific terms. ( applicable only for rental website packages )

Dynamic sites based on open source joomla ( or moodle or prestashop that anyone knows, may be downloaded freely and to customize. Efficient Solutions has done extra work and has incorporated proportionate extensions after purchasing such licenses and thus any such site delivered, should be indicated the manufacturer ( and allowed similar link on the website It will also allow the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ posting on the website of this client's website as portfolio.
Within the free market, the customer can instruct others to rebuild the website and change server without any commitment towards Efficient Solutions.
With the re-hosting of the website the customer can request a change of template with one of the forms of the Efficient Solutions of free suggestions for package services. For SMALL packages and eShop Ready2GO is given the opportunity to be free activation of repigmentation of the page or you can choose another template with billing as the original offer sheet for external formats. For unlimited packages and unlimited eshop will be provided a free change of external appearance-based on the model forms that Efficient Solutions provides for free to new customers corresponding packages service.
The customer is entitled to receive free all of his personal work consists of the database with the text of pages, and folders with images upload to subcontract the reconstruction of the site and to minimize the need for typing pages. If the customer requests, the joomla database can be sent to him and to email regularly as a backup. Media files must keep them in his own storage devices.
The customer is entitled to claim the full Site Administration (administrator page) along with the management server or also can request transfer of his website as it has been formed to another server and will incur costs equal to four times the comparable service package web hosting chosen, minus the amount paid to the time of application of this since the beginning of his collaboration with the dynamicsite. The cost, however this may not be less than 364 EUR Price incl. Will receive the files of the website on a CD with instructions and only take care that there be a similar installation work. In this case, and unless agreed otherwise Efficient Solutions is not obliged to continue to support the customer and there will be corresponding charge to every need surgery during the event. The customer will sign a special agreement that the files that received will only be used for the particular website.

Specific terms. ( valid only for packages of complete web acquiring )

Dynamic sites based on open source joomla ( or moodle or prestashop that anyone knows, may be downloaded freely and to customize. Efficient Solutions has done extra work and has incorporated proportionate extensions after purchasing such licenses and thus any such site delivered, should be indicated the manufacturer ( and allowed similar link on the website It will also allow the Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ posting on the website of this client's website as portfolio.
The customer agrees that all records which constitute the site would not be resold to others and will be used exclusively for the website (domain name), in which was the original order.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS OF USE: Placing pages and information and generally use network of Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ involves automatic and unconditional acceptance of these terms. The customer agrees that any disputes arise, application will have the laws of the state and courts. To resolve such disputes shall be the courts. The Efficient Solutions ΜΕΠΕ reserves the right to modify at will and without further notice other than the notice in this area of the rules regarding the content of the pages of its users and is the customer's responsibility to arrange to be informed by this website.

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with law, without regard to its principles on the conflict of laws. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Athens/Greece for any claim or cause of action arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use or this site.

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