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Online store for trendy women's clothing and accessories

Online store for mobile & tablet accessories

online store for men's, women's and children's clothing

Online store for air conditioners and heat pumps

Online store for catering company

E-shop for commercial and public relations consulting

website for online flower e-shop: baby cakes, floral arrangements, flowers - plants, bouquets, bouquets

e-shop website

Online store for household linens

web site for the first purely Greek reference company in the field of phytotherapy and natural diet

Create an online store for marketing energy-saving equipment, instrumentation, recording and commands.

create online store for publisher

Web design e-shop for oil products from the region of Hermionid


eshop web site with unique collection of jewelry, rings, crosses

e-shop WebSite for construction unique and specific items of materials such as marble, granite, wood, mirror, metal, plexiglass

Online store for promoting wines from around the world

e-shop website for bags and suitcases

Ecommerce  e-shop Website with standard nurseries, garden design & construction of

Online store for professional products and semi-permanent nail varnish

construction e-shop for clothing and cosmetics for hotels

Construction online store business in IT, telecommunications and new technologies

web development eshop with Cretan Diet - virgin olive oil, Cretan products

creation of website for wedding and baptism accessories

web development e-shop for electric scooters and electric bikes

Online store for mobile cases & accessories

construction eshop for Women Fashion

e-shop web development for marketing electric vehicles & machinery ecologicalτων

Online store for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

construction e-shop web site for piano lessons, sheet music, easy to advanced level

Construction e-shop for art gallery, paintings, artwork, religious paintings

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For a very reasonable price per year or per every two years, we provide the web design, hosting and dedicated support of your Dynamic Site.


Our web sites are mainly build on Joomla and our online Stores are mainly build on Prestashop or on joolma / virtuemart So you always can choose one great looking template from a big collection of templates.


 You are the owner of the domain name and the owner of the contnet that is uploaded on a rented website.

websitepricingbuy your managed web design and hosting services
....For a price that elsewhere it would cover only the hosting of the website.
What we do for You

We install on the server any software is required to get a fully functional website or online store and we give you access to add your content or to add the products and the product categories, and to look after client data and orders. The site is hosted in a domain that you already own or we can buy one for you, and you will have professional e mails like (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">[email protected]) We have created all the necessary step by step help in writing form, and for any new customer we schedule online training via skype and remote desktop systems in order to clarify your questions. For webstores we setup in consultation with you, the payment methods and shipping costs , and finally we declare your website in google search engine and we create an account in google analytics so you yo be able to monitor the traffic on your website. Throughout the annual cooperation with you, we provide you with support arrangements or we do for you small changes you cannot make yourself. Support is available via our ticketing system.


 Why to Rent a website

By renting a website you will be able to have a fully functional website or webstore at a very reasonable and known fee including the website design and annual support, small business owners can benefit by saving capital, on rental renewal you will be able to ask for a new and fresh website theme from our free provided themes or from other themes so you will be alsways able to have a fresh website even if webtechnology is rapidly changing. Additionally it is possible to buy the full rights at anytime of our co-operation so you to be able to hoste it somewhere else or to remain ot our unmanaged hosting.

The difference between the buyout and rental plans, is that on a rental plan you cannot access the server and you cannot add extensions. On the buyout plans you or another technitian you may hire, will be able to have full access to the server and to the website's backend to install any extenstion is required. On a rental plan we shall be able to help you on website extensions at a reasonable price or for free if it is something that was inintial offered by the template you had choosed


   We can add your Content and Images

If you do not have the time to add your content by yourself we are also able to create the entire website for you, by entering the text and images you wll provide electronically to us. Additionally if it is necessary we can create your website logo or we shall be able to make any image processing is required. Once the website is delivered you will be able to make any changes you desire in the website, using your personal user name and password to access it.


  We can promote and advertise your website

Moreover, we can launch your ad campaign at google adwords, or on facebook, which we will track and constantly support, at a reasonable price.


We may be able to do more 

Do you still desire more? Our experience and knowledge of the market has allowed us to create a team of excellent partners specialized in graphics and art, in programming and marketing , so as to be able to fulfill all your desires and materialize your concept, while providing unique work and always at the best price possible.



  • Setting up an e-shop Ready 2Go  
    Ready to Sell  online store accepts, Credit cards, bank wire, cash on delivery.  
  • Building a website, Small Site  
    4 pages and contact form scrolling images, Photogallery, video>/span> 
  • Dynamic Unlimited  
    Unlimited Pages or productsIdeal for portals, associations
  • Hotel Websites  
    Dynamic Small ή NoLimit with special booking form
  • Web Marketing, Dynamicsite Services  
    Web promotion Advertising and Support
    Ready to Sell  online store with Unlimited Products Many layout options



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