Setting up an e-shop Ready 2Go

Your own e-shop in 3 simple steps

1. Select the layout of your e-shop

The following RESPONSIVE templates are intalled for FREE, click on an image to see the demo

  • starshop fashion
    Starshop fashion
  • starshop cook
    Starshop cook
  • starshoplscreen
  • existlscreen
  • wine-store
    Wine store
  • milk-store
    Milk store
  • footballwear
  • shopping-screen
  • ps-cosmetics-screen
  • ps-leostyle-screen
  • ps-furniture-screen
  • ps-tennis-screen
  • clothes
  • leo fashion store
    fashion store
  • ps-digital-screen
    Digital Store
  • mobile
  • glasses
  • cake
  • bestbuy
  • tracystore
  • HouseWare
  • Drug Store
    Drug Store
  • Asenti
  • Beauty Store
    Beauty Store
  • DressStore
    Dress Store
  • Tea
  • Safety
  • Drink
  • Metro
  • Decor
  • Citymart
  • Camera
  • Converse
  • Freshmarket
  • Wines
  • Pets
  • Santa
  • Gifts
  • Mega Store
  • Flowers
  • SportShoes
  • Electronics
  • Bike
  • Interior
  • Book
  • Drugs
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • TShirt
  • Bags
  • Tools
  • Auto
  • Stylish
  • Food
  • Games
  • Lingerie
  • Sport
  • EyeWear
  • Watches
  • Travel
  • Kitchen
  • AppStore
  • Store
  • Fashion
  • Market
  • demo1 gray
  • demo2 blue
  • demo3 green


 2. choose a webStore package

buy your managed web design and hosting servicescalculate your managed web design and hosting servicesDynamic EshopReady2GO 200 +Taxes= 246 one year rental 


Full of features webstore limited on 1-GB of disk space hosting and 80-GB of monthly bandwidth consumption which may be enough for 1500 visits per day! reasonable price charges may apply for overages

 If we need to buy for you a or .eu , there is an additional fee of 15 euro. Of course you may buy your domain from another supplier.

  The website will be delivered within 24hours after you deposit the fees, based on the free layout you have chosen or it will be delivered within a week if you have asked for a more customized lay out.
Our web stores are based on Prestashop or Joomla CMS.
We install and parametrize them.
  • If you rent a web store you control products, clients and orders and we support you for free on other settigns you cannot do.
  • If you buy it you control everything on the server and you or other technitian can expand the website installing more modules and services.

3.Update the e-shop

Α. Upload your data on your own

Originally the webpage you will receive will be loaded in a temporary address.

We will provide you with login credentials and we will train you so that you can upload your data and be able to make the changes you desire in the future. At the same time you are given access to a number of small instructive and support videos, or written help document, taking you step by step all the way to upload your data on your webpage.

Click here for help on uploading data on a Prestashop webstore

When your e-shop is ready we will connect it to you domain and with your permission, link it to a number of search engines

Β. Or you can send us your data and we’ll upload the e-shop for you.

Ifyoudonothavethetimetoworkyourwebpageyourself, youcansendusyourdataandwelluploadthemforyou. We will deliver your website in a temporary address at first so that you can give us your opinion and ask us for changes. When our work is completed, it will be linked to search engines.

We charge additional once-off fees depended on the number of products to be uploaded on the webpage and how well your data are organized.




  • On Prestashop webstores you can add your meta data to each product or category separately which helps raise your position of appearance in the search engines results (usually over a period 1 to 2 months)
  • On joomla virtuemart webstores we have enabled an automated SEO that generates key words based on the name and description of your products, which helps raise your position of appearance in the search engines results (usually over a period 1 to 2 months)
  • One page check out simlifies the checkout process so that fees, registration and shipping costs appear in one screen.
  • A completed e-shop, flexible with yearlong hosting. You choose the color, upload up to 500 products, each with a variety of images, upload you company logo but you can also upload an image for the site background. We will help you with the lay out, with pay pal settings, as well as credit cards and shipping costs so that your e-shop will be ready and running on the internet.
  • Already integrated with paypal where you clients will be able to pay safely their buys through their credit card or via their paypal account.
  • Professional help with texts or videos
  • Support with conference calls and e-mails
  • Layouts that can be modified by choosing different colours or uploading your logos and backgrounds
  • You are given your own updates codes abd passwords
  • Registration to all the main search engines
  • Easy creation of your own site
  • Limitless e-mail accounts

E-shop general features

The Dynamicsite e-shop packs are based on the program prestashop or joomla - virtuemart  preset in the right parameters and enriched with extra modules , aiming to provide our clients with simple solutions that won’t need specialized programming knowledge.

  • Admin can set multiple tax rate ( prestashop has already set all your country tax rates )
  • Shipping address Management , the clients can state their shipping address.
  • Listing of all previously made orders ( the client can see all pervious orders he has give the e-shop with all details available)
  • Both the buyer and the e-shop owner receive a confirmation e-mail to ensure that the transaction is complete)
  • Multiple currency option ( you can allow your clients to choose the currency to pay you in)
  • Multiple languages (using joomla! And Componetn Joomfish)
  • Secure Sockets Layer https and 128 bit encryption can be used.

 E shop product catalog characteristics

  • Able to manage unlimited number of products and ctegories
  • Can be used as an e-shop or as on online catalog (also you can turn off the prices)
  • Quick product search based on: categories, manufacturers characteristics or products on discount.
  • Product Ratings & Testimonials (moderated or auto-published)
  • Place products in special offers and set price after the discount.
  • Product availability
  • Downloadable products management (virtual goods) making possible to sell e-book files
  • Notification to subscribed clients about incoming shipments of till recently unavailable products.
  • Management tools and characteristics
  • Multiple files and images (such as spec and brochures) for each product.
  • Characteristics such as size or color can be added to the product
  • Categories of products to be listed( such as Car, Motorbike or Music Album)
  • ShopperTeamsforclients (allowsavarietyofpricesandpayingoptions.) It may consist on a special category of users that will be given acces to net prices and special discounts
  • Multiple prices per product depending on the available quantity.
  • Control panel with summary of all new clients or pending orders ....
  • Availableproductscontrol
  • Order management and full history.
  • B2B AND B2C at the same time
  • possibility to have multistore installation with the prestashop platform

E-shop payments

  • PayondeliveryorBankdepositsettings
  • Ready to connect to payment platforms such as®, PayPal, 2Checkout, and others

Sipping costs for the e-shop

  • flexible Shipping Carriers and Rates Configuration
  • A variety of shipping scenarios , shipping costs regulation depending on the courier, the destination , the standing legislation, postal code and weight of the products.
  • Online connection with Shipping Modules of international couriers agencies like InerShipper, UPS, USPS, Fedex ot Canadapost.

Expansion Possibilities (optional services)

Both platfroms prestashop or joomla virtuemart offer thousands of extensions so we shall co-operate with you to define the correct extensions for your additioanal project needs

Additional Options

(The following prices are fixed and include taxes.)

  • Purchase and management of domain name or .eu will cost 15 euros per year.
  • Organizing Excel or CSV files so that you can mass upload your products or make massive changes in prices as well as connection to ERP storing system or the parameters your suppliers provide you. The charge will be proportional to the complexity of the file and indicative minimum charge will be 154euros.
  • Upgrading to unlimited e-shop + 138 euros
  • We can undertake fully the entire set up and shaping of your site based on the data you provide, with additional fees that correspond to the number of products to be inserted and how thoroughly organized your digital material is. For example he minimum fee cannot be smaller than 104 euros for the general lay out and 84 euros /100 products we upload.
  • Implementation of another particular external display format is available for once with 184 euro



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